Community Support

In addition to serving the medical needs of the communities our urgent care centers serve, we also want to contribute to activities, organizations and causes that advance our communities forward.

Urgent Team’s community support efforts focus primarily on the following areas:

  • Disease Entities
  • Health and Wellness Organizations
  • Children and Youth Related Organizations

Application and Processing of Requests

Requests for sponsorships must be submitted in writing to Urgent Team and include:

  • Purpose and mission of group requesting funds
  • Expected or intended results for use of funds
  • Description of what kind of recognition the organization will receive (advertising,             announcements at event, banners, etc.)
  • Description of benefits organization will receive (tickets, event admissions, etc.)

If it is an event sponsorship request, please outline the date, time and number of expected attendees or participants. Please submit sponsorship requests 10-12 weeks prior to event. Sponsorships are reviewed on a monthly basis.

Submit to:

Urgent Team
Attn: Marketing
30 Burton Hills Boulevard, Suite 175
Nashville, TN 37215

Or email:  [email protected]