Sports & Camp Physicals

When it’s time to head back-to-school and register for sports team participation, most students are required to have a pre-participation physical examination. Our walk-in centers provide sports and camp physicals as required as part of kids camps and school sports teams or programs.

A sports pre-participation physical exam includes:

  • Health history review;
  • Physical exam to make sure your child can safely play typical sports-related activities;
  • Sports safety and education tips when needed;
  • Completion of forms needed for sports or school participation.

What to bring:

  • Any paperwork or forms required for sports participation and activities;
  • If your child wears glasses or contacts, bring those to the exam; and
  • A list of any medications you child takes.

You can take care of the carpool and cleaning uniforms.

Let us help ensure your child is physically ready to take on the opponent.

(Minors must be accompanied by an adult chaperone or guardian and have parental/guardian permission.)